1- Working Hours

Academic Term
Weekdays: 08.35 -
Weekend (Saturday): 10.00 - 17.00

Summer Term
Weekdays : 08.35 - 17.30
Weekend :-

2. Who can be a member of the library

All the staff and the students of our university can be members of the library.

3. What are the essential documents for the membership?

The essential documents are student identity card and identity card. In addition, the form of membership should be filled in. Academic and administrative staff can enroll by means of staff identity card.

4. Do I have to update my membership every year?

It is not necessary. It will be updated otomatically

5. How can we find the books that we look for in the library?

The administrative staff at the information desk on the second floor of the library makes scanning and guiding. In addition, the web page of the library can be used for the book scanning.

6. How many books can the members borrow?

The academic staff can borrow 5 books during 15 days; master and phd students can borrow 3 books during 7 days; bachelor’s and associate degree students and administrative staff can borrow 1 book during 7 days.

7. What kind of books can the members borrow?

All the books except for reference sources can be borrowed from the library.

8. Can be the journals borrowed?

After the journals are binded, they can be borrowed. If there is not bind, they cannot be borrowed.

9. Can be dictionaries and encyclopedias borrowed?

Dictionaries, journals, encyclopedias cannot be borrowed.

10. Can be CDs, VCDs, and etc. borrowed?

They can be borrowed by filling the hourly lending form and giving the student identity card.

11.Can I reserve a book which has been borrowed?

You can reserve a book which has been borrowed. For this process, follow these instructions:

Sign in book scanning part from the website of library. Click the “Sign In” button on the right top. Enter member code and password. The book which is looked for is searched by means of book scanning and the button of “Reserve” is clicked. When the book is given to the library, the student is informed by means of e-mail

12.Can I extend the time of delivery?

You can extend the time of delivery once if the book is not reserved or the time of delivery is not over. If it is reserved, the time of delivery is extended by the library staff. Academic and administrative staff and master students can extent the time of delivery twice.

13.Where are the processes of lending and borrowing carried out?

These processes are carried out on the ground floor of the library.

14.What is the place number?

The place number is the number which enables the book to be categorized according to its content and to be found easily on the shelves. By means of this system, we can see the books together on the shelves.

15. How can I find the floor which the resource I am looking for on?

There are encyclopedias, dictionaries, periodials, faculty journals, books about fine arts and sciences  on the ground floor; and books in the fields of history, educational sciences, social sciences and literature on the second floor.

16.Is there a photocpying service in the library?

Photocpying service is available on the ground floor of the library.

17.Could I use my own laptop in the library?

Wireless internet connection is available in our library. After you have informed the general directorate of  information technologies about your laptop mac adres.


18. For your other questions and requests

Extension number: +90 213 44 52 +90 213 44 53
Web adress:
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