The books that are not available in our library but are found in other university libraries are provided by the inter-library borrowing method and are lent to our users. Before requesting, please check the catalog of our library to see if the source is in our collection. If it is not in our publication catalog, please search from other university library catalogs. After looking at the type and publication status of the publication, you should contact our library to provide the publication.

  • Interlibrary borrowing is carried out according to the borrowing policy of the library to be requested (such as how many books can be received for how long).
  • Journals, references, rare works, theses and requests for multimedia are not taken into consideration.
  • Books borrowed by interlibrary loan are sent to the Central Library by the relevant library. Our users will receive the books from our central library.
  • All shipping fees paid under interlibrary borrowing are the responsibility of the requesting user.
  • The time of arrival of the borrowed book varies according to the library sending the book and the time spent in the cargo.
  • If the books that are brought within the scope of interlibrary borrowing are not brought on time, the related library does not send the book requests.
  • The books that have expired should be delivered to our Central Library at least three days before the delivery date.

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