Our library has been established with the aim of supporting academic development and scientific research and development activities of faculty members, researchers and students.

Our Library; k10.023 square meters in an area that serves its users.

Publications; books are provided by donations and purchases.. Our library has a rich collection of 80,000 printed books, 189,000 e-books, 290 Turkish current e-journals, 2,410 faculty journals and 30 databases that provide resources for scientific research.All publications in our library can be searched through OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog).

Our library has a 24/7 study hall on the ground floor, advisory resources, periodicals, theses, books in the field of social sciences, a visually impaired room and a multi-purpose hall on the first floor. Books on science in the second floor, Prof.. Dr. Nikolaus Himmelmann collection, Prof.Dr. Dr. There is the Georg-Wilhelm Zickenheimer collection, and on the third floor there are individual study rooms for graduate students and lecturers. Our library serves its users according to open shelf system.

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