Prof. Dr. Ilhan VARANK
  • Date of Birth
  • 01 January 1971
  • Place of Birth
  • Zonguldak
  • Hometown
  • Of, Trabzon
  • Institution
  • Yıldız Technical University
  • Place of Martyrs
  • İstanbul/Saraçhane
  • 15 July Night
  • He was born in 1971. Dr. İlhan Varank dedicated his life to education. Varank received rote memorization training at a very young age in Ismailaga Quran Course but did not complete it.After graduating from Necatibey Faculty of Education, he received a scholarship from the Ministry of National Education and completed his master's degree in computerized instructional technology at Ohio State University in the USA.After returning to Turkey started to work at Afyon Kocatepe University, Dr. İlhan Varank was the head of the Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology at Yıldız Technical University.
  • As soon as he became aware of the July 15 coup attempt, he went to the street and joined the crowd in front of the Police Department on Vatan Street. Dr. İlhan Varank sacrificed his life to disrupt the coup plotters' plans.President Erdoğan's call resulted in the resistance of the people who took to the streets and the coup soldiers who came to Vatan Street surrendered.But the coup was not over yet. Dr. VARANK, who learned that there was a conflict in front of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, immediately ran there to continue his resistance.
  • The coup d'etat targeted the people they captured and started firing in front of IMM's Presidential Entrance. With each bullet fired, one person fell to the ground.Varank guarded the people around him and warned them by showing them where they were fired. Professor Dr. When İlhan Varank shouted, “This is Çanakkale”, the bullets hit the ground.His wound was severe, but he didn't give up, he said to the people around him, "Don't be afraid." They immediately put Varank in a car and sent him to the hospital. İlhan Hodja was martyred in the hospital.
  • İlhan Varank’s phone, where he was shot, rang after a short time. One of the young people he helped with answered the phone and said, "Brother, the owner of this phone was very brave, he was just shot and took away."
  • He dedicated his life to education. For İlhan Varank, the first ceremony was held at Yıldız Technical University. Chief Advisor of the President Mustafa Varank, AK Party Istanbul Provincial President Selim Temurci, Yildiz Technical University Rector Ismail High, faculty and students and relatives attended the ceremony.At the ceremony, the National Anthem was read. Then the Quran was read, prayers were.After the ceremony, Varank's body was taken to Fatih Mosque where the funeral prayer would be made.President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also attended the funeral.Speaking at the ceremony, President Erdogan, "If they have a tank cannon, we have faith in them," they stood before them, "he said.
  • FETÖ members protesting the coup attempt, died at the age of 45, the elder brother of the Chief Advisor of the President Mustafa Varank. Dr. İlhan Varank was married and had two children.

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