In our library building; services such as gathering and arranging information sources, research services, bibliographic search, providing information for current questions are given. There is a reading hall in which publications are organized as an open shelf system with 116 seats capacity in order to enable users to access all materials and publications. Library services are available to its users between 08.35- 22.30 hours on weekdays during the education term.
Bibliographic searching of available books of our collection can be done electronically in our library.

 Classification of donated and purchased publications of which barcode process has been completed is done according to “Library of Congress Classification System” in our library. Also bibliographic identity of books have been put into service by entering to the system according to “Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules II” classification rules  and “Yordam Library Automation Program “in Marc format.

Academic and Administrative Personnel can borrow 5 books for 30 days; institution's students can borrow 3 books for 15 days ,school and faculty students can borrow 1 book for 15 days by following” Benefiting From Library Instructions”. Library publications cannot be given to researchers from outside, but they can use the photocopy service in the library. Periodicals, reference resources, materials except for books cannot be left outside. These sources can be used in the library.

Lesson study opportunities

Our users have the opportunity of studying their lessons with their own resources within the working hours of our library.

Special Services

It is free to benefit from the internet and databases in our library.

Disabled Students

Our library’s ground floor presents the disabled students the ease of accessibility and benefiting from our library.